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Your Kansas home’s siding isn’t just intended to add curb appeal to your property, although modern siding certainly does add a nice touch to your property. It serves many purposes, including protecting the interior of your home from moisture, insects, and unpredictable Kansas weather like wind storms and more damage. Siding also helps insulate your home to stay more comfortable indoors year-round. 

Modern architecture allows you to have more versatility when choosing sustainable siding for your home. Being more eco-friendly in your home construction choices benefits the environment in many ways, and you can start by simply upgrading your property’s siding to a more environmental solution than you currently have. To accomplish this, it’s wise to understand what sustainable siding is before you consider eco-friendly options for home exteriors. 

What Is Sustainable Siding?

To utilize something sustainable means to make something last a long time. In terms of eco-friendliness, sustainability often relates to materials that are renewable or recycled. The goal of sustainability in architecture is to lessen the carbon footprint of houses and other structures from the building process onward. So, sustainable siding would be a type of siding that is created with less energy, isn’t wasteful, and/or is made of recycled or renewable materials. 

How Does Sustainable Siding Benefit Your Home And The Environment?

When you make conscious choices to be more environmentally sound in your home, you take advantage of modern, earth-friendly advancements in technology and architecture, making your home more energy-efficient (which saves you money). You also reduce your impact on the planet, allowing you to enjoy comfortable daily living realizing you’re not wasting energy like before or emitting as much pollution in the environment you’re trying to protect. 

Sustainable siding upgrades your Kansas home’s curb appeal while also helping to better insulate your property. It helps block the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your home while also protecting its framework against termites, water, and wind damage. 

Eco-Friendly Siding Options To Consider 

There are several eco-friendly siding options you can consider for your home that are both budget-friendly and easy to install professionally. Kansas City siding contractors can help you select the right siding for your home’s design, your style preferences, and other factors. Here are some sustainable siding options to compare. 

Classic Wood Siding

Wood siding in the form of wood cladding or shakes is a wise and classic form of siding you can choose for your home. Wood that is reclaimed is even more sustainable because it doesn’t use new resources and helps save trees from being cut down. Even using brand-new wood siding options doesn’t have a major impact on the environment since trees are a renewable resource, so you can use classic wood guilt-free. 

As a bonus, wood siding is very versatile because it can be sanded, stained, and painted whenever you wish. These custom additions not only help your wood siding last longer, but they also make your home more unique in appearance and allow you to change up your home’s appearance for modern appeal any time you wish. 

If you want to make your home stand out, consider bamboo siding as your material of choice. Bamboo is a fast-growing reed that is commonly used in fencing, siding, and even home flooring. Or, consider LP Smart Siding, a lightweight and durable siding comprised of wood that has several finish options for a custom and ornate appeal.

Fiber Cement Siding 

If you want a more modern and streamlined siding option, consider fiber cement. This is one of the most economically-friendly siding options you can consider, and it’s widely available as well. As the name implies, fiber cement is made up of fibrous materials and cement, all of which are natural materials and don’t release toxic chemicals into the air. It’s commonly comprised of sand, chips of wood, and cement particles to create a durable siding mixture that is both durable and long-lasting. 

Fiber cement siding is also fairly versatile as well since it comes in a variety of styles to meet your needs best. It can be painted and stained with special care, so keep this in mind when choosing fiber cement for your home project. 

Recycled Metal Siding

If you really want to impact the environment positively while reinforcing your home against fire, water, and other elements, then consider recycled metal siding. Steel and other metals can be considered sustainable, but they do use a lot of energy to produce, so you’re keeping reusable metal sheets and other elements out of landfills by repurposing them. This not only reduces your carbon footprint on the planet but results in a very charming and modern home exterior you can love for decades to come. 


It’s one of the most common home siding options, especially in older homes, but brick is worth mentioning as being sustainable as well as eco-friendly. Brick is easy to care for and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to upkeep, so it’s a great sustainable siding choice for your Kansas home if you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your home’s exterior. Choose from reclaimed brick in several colors to give your home a whimsical charm, or stick with classic red, white, or even pink shades of brick to maintain a classic elegance to your home. 

Making The Upgrade 

If your home’s siding could use a facelift, consider sustainable siding options. You have several siding choices based on your budget, your home’s original design, and even the current siding you have, so don’t be afraid to explore several options before making a final decision. You may even be able to utilize more than one type of sustainable siding to make your home truly unique!

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