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ReFab: Contemporary art refabbed by YOU!

Have you ever looked at a great piece of contemporary art and thought "damn, that's amazing. But there's no way I can make those colors work!" Well, meet JuicyCanvas - the brainchild of husband and-wife team Deb and Artur. Now you can bring a little of your own creativity to original work and get exactly what you want. This means, completely customized contemporary artwork with a touch of "hey, look what I did!" And because you do the customizing yourself, it's affordable.

Upcycle: Retro Wood Wall Art

If you've been anywhere near my Pinterest boards, you know I love turquoise/blue and orange together. I also love a retro, vintage, mod feel - in general. So how much do I love this project??? Scrap wood and a little paint ... awesome. Complete how-to at Oh So Lovely Vintage.