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Repurpose: Thrifty kid's room

If you're a regular reader (thank you!), then you know I moved in February this year. It was a significant move, from a one-bedroom basement space to a two-bedroom apartment on the third floor. So, I acquired a LOT more space overnight. Including a room for Ms R, when she stays over. It's taking me a long time to make all this new space feel like home. In part because I don't have the money to "just furnish" it all. And, more to the point, that's not how I function. 

Ms R's room has taken an especially long time to come together because I knew what she wanted, but it took time to find it. It's now complete thanks to a $12 sheet from the 1970s

Upcycle: Fresh burlap... yes, burlap

I think that burlap is something you either love or loathe. Either way, it's a much more interesting fiber than you'd think. And it can contemporary... not just country! It's "green" because it's made from jute, a very low-impact plant to grow. So it's renewable. Even compostable! Also, it’s pretty easy to get second-hand/used burlap, if you know where to look. Local coffee shops, especially ones that roast their own beans, tend to be rich with big, empty burlap sacks.  For other ideas on how to find the stuff (and to read more about why burlap is awesome) visit Crafting a Green World.  Once you get your hands on some, make these pretty things (25+ projects for you):