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Gulnar Ozdaglar, whose PET bottle creations can be found everywhere from Etsy to European museum shops, created this Art Bowl DIY for Instructables. It's a great tutorial and a really generous sharing of creative technique. Go check it out and be sure to visit her blog and website for some serious inspiration.

Bottles created by certain famous soda companies are now, apparently, 100% plant based. That means they have a lower carbon footprint and use renewal sources. Good news. However, they are not biodegradable. Ye olde soda-pop makers have figured out how to use plants to create exactly the same polymers you find in other plastic. So when it comes to plastic pollution, nothing has changed. These bottles are still floating in oceans and clogging landfills.  

They're also being upcycled in some really appealing ways ... so don't throw them out. Be inspired and turn them into other things!

1. Candle sticks

2. Necklace

3. Chandelier

4. Jewelery Stand

5. Coin purse

6. Bracelet

7. Soda Planter