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My family is well aware of my love for waste-free living. So, when antiques or heirlooms need a home, they typically find one with me! I’m also a fan of thrifting and antiquing at resale shops when I’m able. Regardless of where it might originate, every new piece feels like finding hidden treasure.

But the challenge of adding vintage pieces is figuring out how they fit into a space. So here are a few fab tips for styling vintage home décor that will help you find an ideal place for those gorgeous, upcycled finds.

Antiquarian Antics: Tips for Styling Vintage Home Décor

The Martha Stewart Weddings blog (Brides Guide) recently mentioned Stringcycle's guitar-string flowers ... they said "we see them fitting into a quirky vintage wedding theme as totally unique table decor". I think fresh-flower alternatives are big for bouquets too ... and this enamel-brooch repurposed wonder deserves a look.  It's bold and out there.