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Repurpose: The Vinyl bowl... Pt2

A couple of months ago I dedicated a post to creating a bowl from an old LP (vinyl record).  The method involves using your oven and heating the vinyl ... an apparently smelly (noxious?) process.  So, today I'm posting an alternative how-to from Skulls and Ponies. This one involves boiling water v. using a hot oven. A kinder process all round. It also involves vinyl in amazing colors and a lot of fun, judging by all the great pics!

Repurpose: Vintage Vinyl = Mod Cake Stand

I love the melt-your-own-vinyl bowl idea.  Now, hop over to the hippest blog in the sphere (BubbyandBean) and get the how-to on this spinful dessert stand. 

Repurpose: The Vinyl Bowl ...

This is NOT a new or original idea ... however, when I saw the instructions I realized I never did find out how it's done.  So, in case you'd like to melt your copy of "Rock me Amadeus", here's how!