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Hello lovely reader folk. You all know I love creating with old book pages etc. Inspired by some things I've seen recently, I wanted to take a stab at creating a simple, cheap-n-cheerful "paper bottle". Today I'm showing you the steps for my first attempt. There's another, slightly more complex version, on the way (see the pic below). Read on for the tutorial ...

What I made is super simple - but the result made me smile. Lots of potential here! And all it requires is a sheet of paper and a comparatively sized bottle - in this case, a beer bottle.  See the pic below for your supplies:

Before you do anything else, cut a length of wire so it's ready. You're going to wrap it around the neck and you'll probably want a fair amount so it's visible. 

I hang on to catalogs that are visually inspiring (again, you're shocked - I know!). In 2010, Anthropologie themed a catalog around Alice in Wonderland. I saved two copies (gasp!) because I knew I'd want to use them for something one day. And here I go! I decided to use the most ironic page possible for this little project.

When you cut your strips, be sure you're cutting from what will be the top of your "vase" to the bottom. And be sure to stop cutting about an inch from the bottom of the page.

When you're done cutting, work with the bottle upside down. Wrap the page around the bottle then use a little tape to stabilize things.

Once the paper is taped to the bottle, gently flip it over. What happens next is a little like putting hair in a ponytail!  So be patient.

Gently smooth the paper into place around the bottle neck. Once you like how things are positioned, grab the length of wire you cut earlier and wrap it around the neck. You may want to have a second pair of hands around to help you with this part. And that's it!

Here's a sneak peek at the next one ... it involves quite a lot more paper and no actual bottle to stabilize it. I'll get the tutorial up soon....  UPDATE: Tutorial is now live ... 

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  1. You know, I keep thinking I've seen it all when it comes to book page art. And then... poof! Something else wonderful! Thanks for pointing me to another blog that will keep my family begging for my attention while I read on and on and on... :)

  2. Sencillo pero encantador....precioso!


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