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To amp up your lamp
and fab up your walls,
just say catted and hatted
from Fabulously Flawed!

Happy birthday to Dr Suess!  I'm marking Dr Seuss day with some great repurposing of a classic. Read good books with your kids today ... then head to Fabulously Flawed for the Seussical DI-Yuuuusical!

Back in January I compiled a post on book folding and mentioned that my own attempts (pictured below) had been inspired by a long-ago issue of Budget Living Magazine. In June I was asked to please share the instructions from Budget Living. I couldn't find them. Of course. And then, the other day, there they were!  Folded (!) at the bottom of a box of old catalogs and things I've been storing. So I've done my best to share them ... and make them usable:

Hello lovely reader folk. You all know I love creating with old book pages etc. Inspired by some things I've seen recently, I wanted to take a stab at creating a simple, cheap-n-cheerful "paper bottle". Today I'm showing you the steps for my first attempt. There's another, slightly more complex version, on the way (see the pic below). Read on for the tutorial ...

If you've followed this blog for any period of time, you know it's riddled with ideas for refabbing old books and book pages (folds, clocks, accessories etc). I don't think old books should end up in landfills. I'm also really picky about what they get turned into! These two recently caught my eye and join the ranks of "great idea!": A fresh spin on the book-as-secret-storage idea, at BHG (above). And an old book cover used to hide an ugly wireless router (below) from Anamu - genius.

Use hammered bottle caps and book pages to create an one-of-kind piece. Full set of instructions at Mixed Kreations

Wonderful, creative ideas for re-using book pages to wrap gifts ... everything shown in the pics above is explained either here or here.  Thanks to Alisa Burke.