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Repurpose: Candy Lights ...

I saw these "candy" lights and thought Quality Street!!  Not that I've seen/tasted one of these "choc-ies" in many years.  They used to come out especially for the holidays ... the way I see Fannie Mae bought around here ... or See's Candies in CA.  So I think it's entirely appropriate to create party decor with this kind of "candy".

Get the how-to at OhHappyDay.  If you planned it, you could start saving plastic clamshell berry containers now, rather than buying corsage boxes.  

DIY: Make a valentine ...

Handy with a saw?  This tutorial involves cutting, roasting (or nuking-to kill the critters) gluing etc ... but the result is great.  Check out her mirror while you're there... thanks Pretty Handy Girl!

Wrapping yarn around balloons is a technique popping up everywhere ... lovely twist on the the idea at Made by Michelle ... she also has a sweet fabric heart garland tutorial.

A page is for folding
A plane is for flying
A feeling is for saying
and sending and sighing!

Write a letter to your love ... then send it across the room via paper plane (printable - designed by Cathe from Just Something I Made)

I'm also loving these printable soap labels (could be used to wrap candy bars or decorate DIY party crackers!) ... care of Soap Deli News.

Super-cute printable notes from Fresh-Picked Whimsy ...

And .... some pipe-cleaner decor!  Tutorial at Sweetie Pie Bakery

Heart-shaped page markers from Craft & Creativity (tutorial in English and Swedish)

Classy printable card and "coupons" care of Love vs. Design

One of many printable vintage valentines care of Cheeky Magpie...

Make a paper-heart mobile ... from Being Brook

Tutorial and free printable from Creature Comforts...

Four adorable printables from Hello!Lucky ...  For many, many others see the round up at The Long Thread.

Make a puffy origami heart garland ....

Printable: Holiday me-mo book for kids ...

Holidays gone by in a blur? Kids suffering from a little jetlag and maybe a little appreciation-amnesia?  This might be a nice way to slow things down (and pin things down) for your digitally-oriented progeny.  This little book is part MOmento, part MEmory-keeper, part coloring/craft activity.  Get it from OhMyHandmadeGoodness.

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Upcycle: A paper bag, a white-out pen and a sharpie walk into a bar ...

If you save all those paper grocery bags (you know, the ones you have to use because you left all your reusable bags in the car ... because it was raining and your kids were screaming?) ... use them to wrap gifts!  Alisa Burke is beyond talented and I love her eye.

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DIY: Homes for the Holidays ...

Retro Mama rocks.  If you're going to make your own ornaments, it doesn't get much cuter than this.

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Printable: 2011 gift-rag round up!

I'm late posting the link to this year's Gifted Magazine ... so here it is.  And it's relevant to this post because you'll find links to over 25 free-to-download, artist-designed gift tags at the back of the magazine!

Helen Dardik's tags for 2011 / Tags for 2012

Elfie Tags from Allsorts

City Gift Tags from Weelife

Wee Birdy Tags
Retro Tags from My Girl Thursday

Paper Reindeer from Eat Drink Chic / Holiday Knit Tags

Inspiration: Santa's edible study ...

I'm a sugar addict ... and I love great design.  So Amy Atlas (et al) is something of a goddess in my mind.  If you still need a little help getting into the holiday spirit, check out this dessert feature inspired by the idea of Santa's Study.  The details are ridiculous.

Upcycle: Old-book iPad cover

Last year I had a lot more time than money so I made most of my Christmas gifts ... it was exhausting but the response was gratifying.  This year, I have very little time ... and keep seeing amazing DIY gift ideas like the one above!  So, if you're willing and able to skip the stores and use your hands, check out this great Design Sponge round up!

Printable: A Nut-Cracking Calendar ...

Did you know that nutcrackers (at least the wooden ones like our friend above) started popping up in Germany around 1800? And, did you know that the German word for nutcracker is “Nussknacker”? AND, did you know that these little guys love to take refuge in abandoned jack-in-the-boxes? It’s true—they’ll crawl right in and make themselves at home. They’re basically the hermit crab of children’s toys.

Get your December 3D Nutcracker Calendar from Scout Creative.  While you're there, join the calendar of the month club so you never miss a free printable!

Printable: Chic gift tags ...

Great printable from Jones Design Company ... in red and blue ... and black, taupe and green.

DIY: Felt tree decorations ...

I started collecting orange tree ornaments a long long time ago ... so my tree is colorful!  In a world that is shades of grey, black, brown and white, I like color.  But if I had to try monochrome holiday decorating, I'd use felt and any other fabric that's warm ... Make these lovely decorations yourself care of The Purl Bee.  And here's a link to last year's felt garland.

DIY: 3D Paper Ball ornaments ...

Jessica Jones is at it again ... lovely make 'em yourself paper ball ornaments al la CB2.

DIY: Colorful, clever counting down ...

When I was a kid, I loved counting down to Christmas ... and every year I get a little thrill when the advent calendars appear.   Some of my favs below.  For a great round up of colorful (cheap!) ideas, visit The Crafty Crow.

I'm seeing lots of garlands this year - the one above was featured in LMNOP's most recent edition and would be super easy to make.  I also like the idea of saving my little one's socks (starting now) and using them to make a see-how-you-grow version of the Martha Stewart garland below:

And then there's the coveted wrapped-book idea which will probably become a reality next year - woohoo!  Babycinno's version:

And from SarahJane Studios:

DIY: Vintage Velvet Holiday Wreath ...

It's irresistibly kitsch ... go make it.

Printables: Homemade Gifts roundup

Recent round up of pretty printables from Indie Fixx

DIY: Rosie the Riveter (2011 costume)

Whew ... we did it indeed!  Saw the idea in a magazine and thought it looked comfortable for a squiggly 15 month old!  Thrift store shirt and jacket, a "du-rag" from Jo-Ann's and a couple of pins from  Total: $9.  

Recycle: Wrapping with book pages...

Wonderful, creative ideas for re-using book pages to wrap gifts ... everything shown in the pics above is explained either here or here.  Thanks to Alisa Burke. 

Recycle: PVC pipe wreath ...

Wow!  I love this ... and I can see the obvious paper-towel upcycle option.  Full set of instructions at Today's Nest.

DIY: Tree-shaped candles ...

Very pretty - I like the "indoor landscape" idea...  Thank you Martha. 

Printable: Helen Dardik gift tags ...


Helen Dardik inspired the toys I made for Christmas 2009 ... I LOVE her aesthetic.  Once again, she's offering free printable gift tags!  Get 2010 or 2011