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Upcycle: Shampoo bottles

Yeah, shampoo bottles. I suppose you could use any plastic bottles, but we do go through shampoo at a rapid rate right? And the bottles are colorful ... ripe for repurposing! The collection above is all about kids (cold-weather, indoor fun?):

1. Awesome shampoo-monster caddies from Madame Criativa

2. Hold-owls ... beautiful tutorial here

3. A flotilla of post-foam fun ... care of Floris Hovers

4. A bold baby mobile ... DIY care of BB Bellezza

Some slightly more grown-up upcycles...

1. A catch-all wall for a kitchen, office or craft room ... full how-to at DIY Enthusiasts

2. Some simple caddies by Floral Chick

3. A grown-up pencil holder and ...

4. labels turned into gift bows... see more here

5. And finally, a bottle-turned-black-cat napkin or phone holder!  See the details here.

Upcycle: Spotlight on Yoghurt...

Ah ... the little Danon yoghurts. One dose a day, means lots of little bottles collecting quickly. Which means you'll soon collect enough to make this lamp! Construction is much simpler than you'd imagine; no special materials required. The completely tutorial at Reciclantes is really inspiring, as is the whole blog - please click through and take a look.

Upcycle: 3 plastic bottles... 1 Fab Necklace!

Well... what do I really need to say about this one? Great upcycle, fantastic colors, excellent tutorial! Oh, and the blog name: 2nd Funniest Thing. What's the funniest, I wonder? While you're there, take a look at the whole DIY Gallery - lovely! 

Upcycle: Plastic bottles turn over a new leaf...

Gearing up for a leafy Earth Day giveaway ... and very inspired by these pretty, feathery things posted a couple of years ago on the Free People blog. Click through for all the instructions. 

Upcycle: From Plast(ick!) to Classic ...

LOVE this!  It's a "Marni for H&M" inspired DIY that involves some simple (but ingenious) repurposing of horrible little plastic containers. Head over to Matter of Style for the full DIY ... 

Repurpose: plastic bottles = summer upcycles!

School might already be out for summer (in your part of the northern hemisphere) but bookmark/ Pin/somehow save these ideas for future teacher gifts.  They're definitely fun summer craft ... with adult supervision of course.  All three ideas are from Krokotak.  Use Google's translator (if necessary) - it works well on this blog... which is a treasure trove of repurposing.  The apples pictured above are made from the bottoms of two small water bottles.

Plastic bottles and nail polish ... to make bootiful bottleflies

A whole gallery of incredible flowers made using bottles and a flame.  Great video tutorial