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Yeah, shampoo bottles. I suppose you could use any plastic bottles, but we do go through shampoo at a rapid rate right? And the bottles are colorful ... ripe for repurposing! The collection above is all about kids (cold-weather, indoor fun?):

1. Awesome shampoo-monster caddies from Madame Criativa

2. Hold-owls ... beautiful tutorial here

3. A flotilla of post-foam fun ... care of Floris Hovers

4. A bold baby mobile ... DIY care of BB Bellezza

Some slightly more grown-up upcycles...

1. A catch-all wall for a kitchen, office or craft room ... full how-to at DIY Enthusiasts

2. Some simple caddies by Floral Chick

3. A grown-up pencil holder and ...

4. labels turned into gift bows... see more here

5. And finally, a bottle-turned-black-cat napkin or phone holder!  See the details here.

Ah ... the little Danon yoghurts. One dose a day, means lots of little bottles collecting quickly. Which means you'll soon collect enough to make this lamp! Construction is much simpler than you'd imagine; no special materials required. The completely tutorial at Reciclantes is really inspiring, as is the whole blog - please click through and take a look.

Well... what do I really need to say about this one? Great upcycle, fantastic colors, excellent tutorial! Oh, and the blog name: 2nd Funniest Thing. What's the funniest, I wonder? While you're there, take a look at the whole DIY Gallery - lovely! 

Gearing up for a leafy Earth Day giveaway ... and very inspired by these pretty, feathery things posted a couple of years ago on the Free People blog. Click through for all the instructions. 

LOVE this!  It's a "Marni for H&M" inspired DIY that involves some simple (but ingenious) repurposing of horrible little plastic containers. Head over to Matter of Style for the full DIY ... 

School might already be out for summer (in your part of the northern hemisphere) but bookmark/ Pin/somehow save these ideas for future teacher gifts.  They're definitely fun summer craft ... with adult supervision of course.  All three ideas are from Krokotak.  Use Google's translator (if necessary) - it works well on this blog... which is a treasure trove of repurposing.  The apples pictured above are made from the bottoms of two small water bottles.

Plastic bottles and nail polish ... to make bootiful bottleflies

A whole gallery of incredible flowers made using bottles and a flame.  Great video tutorial