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Repurpose: Plastic cap surprises!

Sometimes I know exactly what inspires these round ups. For example, I once found myself collecting a lot of bottle caps (beer bottles, specifically) so I went looking for ideas for repurposing them. Then I created a blog post around bottle-cap decorating.

Today's collection - I don't have the same story. I think I saw a few really surprising plastic-cap upcycles and wanted to see more. So here they are!

Repurpose: Bottle-cap decorating ...

Crafting with bottle caps has been done, done and done.  I know.  But they (the caps) still accumulate... especially if your preferred beverage comes from a brown bottle. Right?  So I am always interested in ways to repurpose them ... and this post focuses on home accessories / decor, v. the many necklace, earring and bracelet options out there. 

The amazing resin serving tray (above) got this post started.  I think it's genius and LOVE the color combination ... great tutorial overall from SomeWhatSimple.  14 more after the jump!