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A couple of years ago Natalie Portman carried a Lolita book clutch to the Black Swan premiere and made Olympia Le-Tan and her amazing creations very cool. You can own one for the small, small price of $1500 - $1900!! Or, you can make a knock off for next nothing.

If you've followed this blog for any period of time, you know it's riddled with ideas for refabbing old books and book pages (folds, clocks, accessories etc). I don't think old books should end up in landfills. I'm also really picky about what they get turned into! These two recently caught my eye and join the ranks of "great idea!": A fresh spin on the book-as-secret-storage idea, at BHG (above). And an old book cover used to hide an ugly wireless router (below) from Anamu - genius.

If you are not yet a regular visitor at It's Always Autumn, change that now! Beautiful blog, great ideas. Like this simple book photo frame (please click through for the complete how-to)